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Creating Relevance Increased Sales Finding Truth Gaining Control through

Make it grain.

Through many years of experience, we have mastered online data. We have a deep understanding of industry best practices, we are familiar with privacy regulations and we know how to utilize online marketing tools in the most efficient and effective ways.

This allows us to find the best ways to collect, structure, store, and analyze your data. Enabling you to distribute new insights quickly, such that you can start generating value from the information that was there all along.

Collection & Architecture

A well-designed collection architecture is crucial for having accurate and actionable data. We understand the industry and have experience with many marketing and analysis tools. This allows us to set up high-performance systems in the most effective way.

We have identified common patterns in online data, which we have incorporated in our standardized collection scheme. This results in well-structured data with minimal effort.

Monitoring & Analysis

Every day we analyse and monitor many millions of pageviews and events from numerous domains and other sources.

By analyzing all these data points, we make sure anomalies are detected, recommendations are derived and visitor profiles are generated. All of this is made possible by advanced statistical analyses, machine learning, and other data-science techniques.

What we do

Increasing sales

We offer a myriad of options to help you increase your sales. These range from simplifying AB-testing through automatic analyses, to providing personalized product recommendations for your customers.

In addition, we can automatically analyze how marketing campaigns are performing and offer advice on where to increase or decrease marketing spending.

What we do

Creating relevance

Our expertise and tooling offer the possibility to form an accurate picture of your visitors, across multiple devices and platforms, capturing their interests in your products or content.

Based on this, we provide profiles as well as personalized feeds of products, blog articles, and more, optimizing the experience of both you and your customers.

What we do

Finding truth

The amount of data that is available today can be immense. However, it is often difficult to distill this data into the right information. In many cases this is because of inconsistent data collection or suboptimal data structuring. Additionally, the science of analyzing large amounts of data simply requires training and mathematical insight.

We know how to collect and structure online data, such that the right insights can be obtained quickly. Our expert data scientists are ready to find even the last grain of truth in your data.

What we do

Gaining control

Doing business online involves making use of a plethora of tools and requires fast decision-making. This is often overwhelming and hard to manage.

We offer a number of solutions to help you gain control. This ranges from dashboarding to automatic alerts based on anomaly detection. It will allow you to turn your attention back to advancing your business.

How we do it
Step 1
Together we create a sustainable and scalable data collection foundation for your business.


After we have determined together what your data needs are, we start by examining your current online data implementation.

  • 1. Do you collect the data required for your information needs?
  • 2. Is the data you collect efficiently structured?
  • 3. Is data collection done in a sustainable and scalable way?

We help you answer these questions and, when needed, create and execute a plan to make sure data is collected properly and the implementation will be sustainable and scalable.

Step 2
While adhering to privacy regulations and keeping cross-platform usability in mind, we clean and transform your data, such that it meets all of your requirements.

Clean & Transform

Each tool you use requires data to be supplied in a different format. This is not something you or your developers want to be bothered with. Therefore, we enable you to supply data in a single format and we process it to make sure it can be used in all of your tooling.

Furthermore, we have high privacy standards and make sure that we clean, truncate or mask data that should not be processed.

Step 3

We offer easy and scalable solutions for storing and distributing your data. This gives you full control and ownership of the valuable data you collect.

Store & Distribute

We have extensive experience using Tag Management solutions and have created tooling and standardizations to quickly and automatically implement these solutions, following best practices. Additionally, we have created our own solutions to distribute data and provide you and your developers with more and better control of data flows. This way, we can help you distribute the collected data to all platforms you use, such that you can obtain value from it.

Furthermore, we can help you store your data to make sure this valuable asset is not lost when you decide to stop using or change third-party tooling.

Step 4

Data doesn't speak for itself. It's analysis is a science that can seem daunting at times. But without it, your data will be of little value.


Our data-scientists can offer you the necessary expertise to deliver the insights you need. Our priority is to extract valuable information from the data you collect. We do this by using advanced data-science and machine-learning techniques that allow the data to tell it's story.

We have automated many parts of our analyses, facilitating monitoring and alerting, personalization and dashboarding.

Additionally, our data-scientists love to tackle new problems and are ready to help you with any analysis problem you might have.

Step 5
The relevant people should be able to grasp the new information quickly, such that action can be swift.

Visualize & Action

Being able to communicate your insights in a clear and concise way is important. We provide clear visualisations that capture the available information such that it can be propagated through your organisation quickly.

Additionally, we provide many solutions to facilitate a variety of data-driven actions. This includes user profiles which can be used for personalization, targeting audiences for marketing campaigns, or personalized feeds for products, blogs, or other forms of content.


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